Mazzoll & Micromelancolié is MAZZMELANCOLIÉ. This cassette is filling the gap between two worlds in which Wounded Knife has been circling for some time now: the free improv craziness and abstract modern electronic soundscapes. Jerzy Mazzoll is one of most famous Polish clarinetists, originating musically from the 90’s punk/yass milieu (thanks to his band Arhythmic Perfection among others). On this record, he teams up with Robert Skrzyński aka Micromelancolié, an already well established undeground sound explorer with around 40 albums released on the most awesome tape/cdr labels you can name right now. Needless to say – MAZZMELANCOLIÉ is one of the most unique records we have ever released.

PRESS: 1 uchem/1 okiem (PL) | RedBull tour de Pologne (PL) | Kultura Staroci (PL) | Guide Me Little Tape (EN) | Radio Sfera (PL) | FYH (PL) | The Free Jazz Collective (EN) | Klasika ir džiazas (LT)


Side A: 1, 2, 3, 4
Side B: 5, 6, 7

Music by Jerzy Mazzoll & Robert Skrzyński.