CUT#26 • X-NAVI:ET – Vox Paradox C30

New solo tape by polish ambient/post-industrial hero Rafał Iwański, also best known for his work with Hati (which he founded almost 15 years ago), Innercity Ensemble, Kapital and Alameda 5. On “Vox Paradox”, Iwański explores the musical language translating it into his own electroacoustic microcosmos. With the addition of guest musicians (Wojtek Jachna/trumpet, Ewa Bińczyk/voice, Radek Dziubek/micro programming, Marcin Zyglarewicz/bass guitar) the album gains complexity and yet remains incredibly coherent. The tape comes with a heavy stock j-card with a photo on the front cover, insert and a D/L card.

PRESS: Kultura Staroci (PL) | Red Bull Music Academy (PL) | Vital Weekly (EN) | Nowa Muzyka (PL) | FYH (PL)


Side A:
1. Incantatio
2. Machina
3. Oto Lucyper

Side B:
1. Vox Paradox
2. E. System X
3. Amen

Rafał Iwański: voice, digital drummer, tone generator, sampling unit, analog synthesizer, effects, balalaika, rattles, objects
Ewa Bińczyk: voice (Incantatio, Machina)
Radek Dziubek: micro programming (Incantatio)
Wojtek Jachna: trumpet (Machina)
Marcin Zyglarewicz: bass guitar (E. System X)

Composed, recorded and mixed by Rafał Iwański at Studio Eter, Toruń, Poland
April 2014 – September 2015

Mastering: Kuba Ziołek
Thanks to Artur Maćkowiak for recording trumpet of W. Jachna

Artwork: Paulina Oknińska
Cover photo: Janek Ufnal | |