CUT#27 • Philipp Bückle – Blanket For A Cold Seabed C30

Philipp Bückle is a musician and filmmaker from Dortmund, Germany, recording earlier under the Teamforest moniker and as Beth Kleist together with his fellow German modular synth experimentalist Nils Quak. Since 2015 Philipp Bückle is working on his “Paintings” triptych – “Sketches”, “Drawings” and finally “Paintings” (which is yet to be released). “Blanket For A Cold Seabed” is independent to these releases and approaches his vision from a slightly different angle: in this facet of Bückle’s work, the multilateral compositions last longer and are more varied, which makes the overall atmosphere much more melodic than cinematic. Comes with an additional mini booklet and a D/L card.

PRESS: Kultura Staroci (PL) | Black Metal and Brews (EN)


Side A: Blanket For A Cold Seabed

Side B: Almost Sleeping, Looking At The Blurry Shore Up There

Everything written, produced, played and sung by Philipp Bückle
with Charles-Eric Charrier who provided a bit of white noise on Side A. /

Cover photo & illustrations by Paulina Oknińska