CUT#31 • Wander – Kat Gat Sea C50


“Kat Gat Sea” is the second album from minimal folk duo Wander. Vincenzo De Luce (Zero Centigrade, Drowning In Wood) and Matteo Tranchesi explore their musical vision with a high dose of variety, stripping down both classical and modern aesthetics such as american primitivism, free improvisation or drone folk and rearrange the elements into colorful, slow paced compositions. On “Kat Gat Sea”, 60’s style subtle fingerpicking meets loud string buzzing and screeching with surprising counterpoints and drony, echoing passages.

MEDIA: Rotational Review (EN) | The Quietus/Spool’s Out (EN) | PSI LAB Recommendations (EN) | Vital Weekly (EN) | Music Won’t Save You (IT) | Polifonia (PL) | Foreign Accents (EN) | Tome To The Weather Machine (EN) | The New Noise (IT) | Decoder (EN)


Side A:
1. Unfinished Departures
2. For The Time Remaining
3. The Steps Of Your Way Back
4. Faded Memories

Side B:
1. Into The Flood
2. Red Barn
3. Black Powder

Vincenzo De Luce: acoustic guitar, trumpet and sounds
Matteo Tranchesi: acoustic and electric guitar

All tracks recorded between March and June 2015.
Edited by Vincenzo De Luce.
Mastered by Antonio Gallucci.