CUT#33 • Amulets – In Flux C30


Austin-based audio and visual artist Randall Taylor explores the vast areas of his tension filled ambient/drone music by constantly changing and evolving both emotionally and technically. His renowned “suitcase of drone” is not only a collection of sound equipment but also an instrument on its own, a mechanical organism fueled by degrading tape loops intertwined with delay feedbacks. On “In Flux” the effect is as astonishing as always, leaving no doubt that Amulets is one of the most ingenious creators in the cassette community.

MEDIA: TabsOut (EN) | Lost In A Sea Of Sound (EN) | Dead Formats (EN) | Tome To The Weather Machine (EN)


Side A:
1. The Mechanics Of Breathing
2. Counterparts

Side B:
1. Fauna West
2. Ninety One Ever


All songs written by Randall Taylor
Recorded January 2016 // Austin, TX //