CUT#34 • Lake Mary & Nathan Wheeler – Also C32


“Also” is the second Lake Mary cassette released by Wounded Knife and at the same time the second album where no guitar was used (at least in the common way). Here Chaz Prymek teamed up with Nathan Wheeler, member of the “live band” incarnation of LM: Lake Mary & the Ranch Family Band. Their modest but inspiring approach resulted in two side-long compositions combining elements of classical, minimalist drones and gentle synthesizer waves – just two guys deeply inspired by Charlemagne Palestine, La Monte Young and all the other minimalist masters chilling out in a forest cabin. The perfect uplifting record.

MEDIA: TabsOut (EN) | Anchor Song (JP) | Lost In A Sea Of Sound (EN) | Tome To The Weather Machine (EN)


A. Also
Lake Mary: Steinway Grand Piano
Nathan Wheeler: Moog Modular P3 Synthesizer
Recorded at Mills College CCM in Oakland, CA
Mixed by Nathan Wheeler

B. Flamingo Cup
Lake Mary: Bowed Guitar
Nathan Wheeler: Harmonium
Recorded at “the cabin” in Gualala, CA
Mixed by Lake Mary

All songs dreamed up by Lake Mary and Nathan Wheeler.