CUT#35 • Sébastien Branche, Miguel A. García, Wojtek Kurek, Mateusz Wysocki – Harigams C45


When French saxophonist Sébastien Branche and Basque sound artist Miguel A. García were playing shows all around Europe in 2015, the latter made a proposal to Polish musicians Wojtek Kurek (Paper Cuts, Warten) and Mateusz Wysocki (Fischerle, Bouchons D’oreilles) to meet and record an improvised session during their visit in Warsaw, Poland. Their meeting gave birth to “Harigams”, a unique piece comprised of precise electro-acoustic sound crafting.

MEDIA: TabsOut (EN) | raz uchem / raz okiem (PL) | Vital Weekly (EN) | Lost In A Sea Of Sound (EN) | Tome To The Weather Machine (EN)


Side A: Harigams pt. 1
Side B: Harigams pt. 2

Sébastien Branche – saxophone and objects
Miguel A. García – electronics + jen brio
Wojtek Kurek – drums
Mateusz Wysocki – laptop, field recordings

mix – Mateusz Stolnicki (Boazeria Studio)
mastering – Jacek Szczepanek