CUT#6 • LAKE MARY – Komerabi C50  – SOLD OUT


Limited and hand-numbered to 50. Printed on handmade paper with leaves/plants debris



I was stoked to get asked to be apart of the Wounded Knife family, and in knowing that they dealt mostly in improvised music,I figured I would stick somewhat to the format, which lead me to choosing, and finishing, these two tracks. Both based on improvisations with classical composer/pianist Eric Rich & the band Inner Oceans.
These songs to me, sound like waking up,and in these specific cases, waking up in the mountains of western Colorado or to the Wasatch Mountains of Utah
Typically I stick to the acoustic guitar, but for these songs I don’t think I even picked it up, banjo yes, but this is a rare treat. 
please take the time to listen to Eric Rich & Inner Oceans as well, for they have changed my life in so many ways.

– Chaz Prymek

Press: microphones in the trees | Honest Bag | Anchor Song


Side A:
Wake Up Lake, Wake Up (feat. Inner Oceans)

Side B:
White Pine (w. Eric Rich)

Side A performed, recorded and mixed in Denver, CO & Evergreen, CO by Chaz Prymek & Griffith Snyder.
Side B written & performed by Chaz Prymek & Eric Rich, recorded & mixed in Salt Lake City, UT by Chaz Prymek.