CUT#9 • Alcachest Libations – Luculent Scripture C50 – SOLD OUT

Limited to 50 copies. Printed on pages of an old gujarati book.



Press: Guide Me Little Tape

“Cymatic oscillation waveform therapy carried out in coordination recorded & distributed as a means of engendering the information output rendered in these experiments.  Utilizing varied production methods, analog as well digital equipment. Floating off into space on rays;  sunbeams with names only the sages know and without them, who knows what may become of this Earth; this Earth covered in sunbeams.”


Side A:
Two Europeans Discussing Jazz
Mother Milkweed Lends a Helping Hand
Red Eyed Horus Nebula
Luculent Scripture
Between the Earth the Moon and the Sun

Side B:
Visions of Sam Lowry
Glass Moon; Secret Revealed
Fermented Illusion
Pray Aid of the Pilgrimage
Administration of Letters

Michael Balance – Synthesizer
Dominick Damo – Synthesizer

Recorded & Mastered By Alcahest Libations
Produced By Gilded Peradam

” Without signs of slowing; in this all knowing. Mend the Line; for w’re lost out here. Becon wayward rodents shadowed in their cunning.”