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R-6803757-1426963668-8528.jpeg VOLUME I: FDG – / Dylan Golden Aycock

1. FDG – Existence Is A Moment – In The Eyes Of Love (Tribute to Joe McPhee)
2. Dylan Golden Aycock – No Storms Come (The Innocence Mission)
3. Dylan Golden Aycock – Spotted Pony (Traditional)
4. Dylan Golden Aycock – Peeping Tomboy (Kurt Vile)

R-6803810-1429475269-3797.jpeg VOLUME II: M. Sage / Dura

1. M. Sage – At The Break Of Day / Home (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/Six Organs of Admittance)
2. Dura – We Would Be Building (John Fahey)
3. Dura – Teenage Spaceship (Smog)

R-6918343-1429475238-9279.jpeg VOLUME III: Guenter Schlienz / Fischerle

1. Guenter Schlienz – How Does It Feel? (Spacemen 3)
2. Fischerle – James Baldwin To The Rescue (based on “James Baldwin To The Rescue” by William Parker Quartet Featuring Leena Conquest)

VOLUME IV: Micromelancolié / Baldruin

1. Micromelancolié – Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (Robert Ashley)
2. Baldruin – Hero (Enrique Iglesias)
3. Baldruin – Join Me In Death (HIM)
4. Baldruin – In A Different Time (Ride)